Hard Ciders

 Hard ciders are the drink of choice when enjoying savory crepes.
Nine Pin Belgian

Farmhouse blend of local apples fermented with a Belgian Abbey Ale yeast. This creamy and smooth cider invokes the characteristics of Belgian beers with notes of tropical fruits.

Glass 12oz 8.00 – Bottle 12.00

Nine Pin Signature

Classic example of an off-dry sparkling hard cider. Crafted with a white wine yeast. It is crisp, bold and refreshing.

Glass 12oz 7.00 – Bottle 11.00

Nine Pin Ginger

Fermented blend of apples infused with ginger and orange peel. This cider has a pleasantly spicy finish and is lightly accented with orange citrus.

Glass 12oz 8.00 – Bottle 12.00

Beer and Ale

Abbey Ale – Ommegang Brewery

Dark and rich Belgian-style ale with fruit overtones and deep flavors. Light, not heavy.


Hennepin – Ommegang Brewery

A golden ale with a champagne like effervescence. Moderately hoppy, crisp and refreshing.


Witte – Ommegang Brewery

Traditional Belgium style ale with orange peel and coriander flavor.


Hefe-Weizen Kapuziner

Unfiltered wheat beer with a light touch and distinctive taste – a yeasty tang offset by a solid malt body and a delightful tropical fruitiness.


Saratoga Lager

Smooth, medium bodied lager with a fresh aroma. Soft bitterness and refreshing sweetness.


IPA Two Roads Honeyspot White

Made with American ale yeast and no spices. The result is a soft wheat backdrop that accentuates the Pacific Northwest hop character.


Our Seasonal Selection

Changing with the season, we now carry a seasonal beer. Ask your server about our present selection and price


Champagne Mimosa

Made with 100% fresh orange juice and champagne


Cranberry and Pear juice Mimosa

Cranberry and pure pear juice combined with champagne


White Wine

Chardonnay – Chateau Guilhem, France

Powerful & rich aromas of ripe white fruits with a blend of toasted brioche.

Glass 9.00 – Bottle 35.00

Pinot Grigio – Clos Du Bois, California

Light-bodied with a dry slightly fruity taste.

Glass 8.00 – Bottle 29.00

Sauvignon Blanc – Monkey Bay, New Zealand

A vibrant award-winner with gooseberry and pineapple highlights.

Glass 7.00 – Bottle 27.00

Riesling – Hogue Cellars, Washington State

Juicy apricot, lemon-lime and tangerine on the palate.

Glass 7.00 – Bottle 27.00

Red Wine

Malbec – Diseno, Argentina

Full-bodied and rich, with gripping aromas of blackberries, plumed black pepper.

Glass 8.00 – Bottle 29.00

Red Blend – Primal Roots, Argentina

Blend of Merlot, Syrak and Zinfandel. Rich flavors of raspberries and chocolate that is truly uninhibited.

Glass 7.00 – Bottle 27.00

Cabernet Sauvignon – Tom Gore Vineyards, California

Dark red with aromas of currant and plum with hints of mocha and coffee on the palate.

Glass 9.00 – Bottle 35.00